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Eleonore C. Books – Poetry Collection Re/Awakening

Eleonore C. Books – Poetry Collection Re/Awakening

Discover the enchanting world of "Re/Awakening," a captivating poetry collection that dances between the realms of trauma, resilience, spirituality, and poetic artistry. This self-published is a testament to the indomitable spirit that rises above adversity and soars to new heights.

Embark on a transformative voyage as the author weaves a tapestry of wisdom, gained from her own experiences of trauma, abuse, and violence. In this short contemporary collection, every verse is infused with the alchemy of forgiveness and spiritual awakening. The three sections of this book come alive with vivid imagery, breathing empowering words into the reader's heart and soul.

" Re/Awakening " gracefully balances the depths of pain with the heights of contentment, evoking emotions that touch the core of human existence. With each poem and prose, the reader is invited to confront and embrace their own journey through life's challenges, finding solace and inspiration within the author's profound reflections.

As you lose yourself in the lyrical verses, you will discover a profound connection with the themes that unite us all – healing, growth, and the resilience of the human spirit. A symphony of emotions, this poetry collection transcends time and space, making it a timeless companion for those seeking solace and understanding.

" Re/Awakening " resonates with seekers of profound literature and those drawn to inner strength and spirituality themes.

Embrace the transformative power of words as you immerse yourself in the world of "Re/Awakening " This poetry collection will captivate your soul, ignite your spirit, and leave an everlasting impression on your heart. Join the ranks of enchanted readers who have already embarked on this mystical odyssey – a path of healing, hope, and the reawakening of the human spirit.

Featured in the Collection Re/Awakening

In a world where everything will turn to ashes, after some time,
Happiness and Sadness will also become ashes
Humans started to become ashes when their humanity became a scam
Long ago, I realized only ashes were tangible; everything else is a
fairy tale we tell children so they can still believe in humanity
Later, they will chase after dreams that are only illusions in their minds
I can only hope that one day humans will love themselves enough
to find their humanity
But maybe I am still a child chasing a dream
So, I can only wait to become some sprinkling of ashes