Philosophy and Spirituality of Eleonore C.

Philosophy and Spirituality of Eleonore C.

I believe that everything is a matter of perspective, and what truly matters is not what happens to us, but how we respond to the trauma. It is through each experience presented to us that we learn and grow.

Everyone possesses their own uniqueness, much like a snowflake. If every snowflake is unique, then how can we compare humans to one another?

In a world where performance is emphasized in all aspects of our lives, we have forgotten that embracing our vulnerability is a true strength. Somewhere along the way, we have lost ourselves behind the masks we wear to create an illusion of reality. I am the light, and you are the one holding it so you can understand how you are wired and how your past and/or present traumas impact and shape your reality. Through my guidance, you will gradually remove your masks, one by one, until you can see yourself maybe for the first time what lies behind them is revealed.

My role, as your coach is to guide you in discovering your true self and uncovering your godly essence!

I believe that every living being (anything containing water) has a soul. Even inanimate objects can be influenced by our energy and become connected to us in some way. This belief leads me to see a deep interconnectedness among all living things, making us essentially one in the eyes of the universe. This collective consciousness can be summarized as 'All is one, one is All.'

As human beings, we often find ourselves trapped in a cycle of pain, suffering, delusion, emotion, and hardship. It's only when we realize that we have been hurting, rejecting, and hating ourselves all along that we can break free from this cycle. Like a little bird breaking out of its shell to grow, humans break free of the illusions in their life.

Words hold no absolute power over you, only the power we decide to give! When words and emotions flow in us and through us like water we start to experience a certain sense of bliss. By simplifying our perception of the world to its reality, we can better appreciate the fluid nature of existence.